Most Groundbreaking Albums of All Time

There are few albums out there produced by the artist which can make anyone’s jaw drop. And there are few albums which will remain evergreen in the minds of people. Although, there is no true replacement for the feeling a live concert at a venue such as the Ball Arena brings, having the ability to play an album on demand when the mood requires it, is irreplaceable. Without further ado, here is a list of a few incredible records you should listen to right now to place you into that mood.

The Beatles- Revolvers (1966)

When it comes to creating masterpiece revolver by the Beatles is one of the major steps which launched the band into superstardom. Each and every song in this album is one which will sweep you off your feet. This was the music album which changed the face of pop music forever.

Nirvana- Nevermind (1991)

There are a select few albums which can allow you to define the right generation. Nevermind is the best which will help you have the right uncompromised thrash f their debut. This album made their name known all around the world. The music video Smells like teen spirit became an instant anthem was assured of having the right confidence to help people move on.

The Smiths- The Smiths (1984)

The mainstream charts were embraced to have the right music and introduced to the people to the glitzy world. Jangling 1960s led the music influenced by guitars, flowers and good old fashioned songwriting. The is dead is one song which is a classic that can be manifested which can later be copied by dozens of bands to help empty the word of pop and help with the cold emotional sound of post-punk.

The Smiths- The Smiths

Joy Division- Unknown Pleasures (1979)

The Manchester band was another in the long line of the snotty punks which has allowed people to find a deeper meaning into the more intriguing scenario. The visionary production genus of the Martin Hannett provides for a unique musical landscape which can help one have the right long raincoat bands.

Portishead- Dummy (1994)

While dance music was moving in a more manic direction which can allow you to have the best jingles with the right base and drums, among other things, the frail voices of the Beth Gibbons add to the eerie atmosphere the music creates which is later made more tempting with the voices of Geoffe Barroe and Adrian Utley.

Portishead- Dummy

My Bloody Valentine- Loveless (1991)

My Bloody Valentine is a difficult music video which can allow you to indulge in the music. According to the makers it was one of the most difficult to create as the sonic world that they create had a wall which is impenetrable, but the end result was a remarkable record which took 20 years to make.

The Strokes- Is This It (2001)

Just when people taught that guitar music dead, a new decade of songs came, wanted to show guitar music. This was their debut album where they tried to bring in the coolness of guitars to enhance the songs that they have created.